SEX – the only workout your body really needs.

Written by Angela

Sex, whatever else it is, is an athletic skill: The more you practice, the more your can, the more you want to, the more you enjoy it, the less it tires you.

Robert A. Heinlein, The cat who walks through walls.

Have you ever considered the health benefits of an active sex life?

A session at the gym or pounding the streets might be the way you get your physical kinks – but you could also be getting healthy between the sheets with an irresistible sex goddess.

I love exercise, it’s what ensures I maintain my sexy and alluring body, but I also enjoy getting into a sweat via some highly intensive sex-ercise which has the magical bonus of an orgasm.

Sex can be so physical for both participants, especially if you decide to embark on the kama sutra and for a range of positions.

There are some real advantages to being sexually active and for indulging long sex sessions, which I want to share.

Sex is great for lowering blood pressure – and it’s been proven by scientific studies!

  • Sex is good for the heart as arousal sends the heart beat higher, reaching its peak at orgasm. Now, to get the heart really racing sex needs spend 150 minutes a week on moderate exercise – or 150 orgasms! Having a healthy heart is good for all of us so, why not give it a good workout from the comfort of a bed or sofa or wherever you choose to indulge.
  • Before even having sex, stress can be lowered through hugging and touching. According to the study, couples who held hands for 10 minutes and then hugged for 20 seconds, had a lower heart rate, lower blood pressure and smaller heart rate increases. Perfect reason for a massage then!
  • Want to stay healthy and avoid going to the doctor or the chemist, well sex is the answer. The more sex you have the stronger your immune system, researchers in the United States have proved. Those that had sex once or twice a week had a higher immune system than those who didn’t have sex. So, get active between the sheets and say goodbye to your colds.
  • Your emotional well-being improves through sex – and that’s an important as giving the body a workout. People who have sex regular feel more content and their outlook on life much more positive.
  • Sex reduces pain – well having an orgasm relieves pain so if you want to masturbate or find pleasure via oral sex, it will have the same desired effect. Orgasms release hormones that can block pain.

Want to reduce stress … have sex. It is the great stress buster for our era.