Fancy sexy and romantic weekend away with me?

Written by Angela

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – so the proverb goes. In today’s modern era when everybody demands everything is done NOW (or even yesterday). Jack isn’t so much dull he just doesn’t have a space hour in his day for anyone else.

I know from my luxury liaisons with successful businessmen and women, that time is a precious commodity. Obviously they don’t have a lot of it to share as the demands of work take precedence.

This has a huge impact in relationships and dating as they just cannot give the commitment. However they still yearn to be desired, to be touched and enjoy all the fruits of a relationship.

If you are in that position, where you don’t have the time for a relationship, then I can definitely help you. Look at this way, what is the point of being successful you can’t enjoy the trappings of that success?

One of the little luxuries of life is that stress free, sexy and romantic weekend away . An escape to a country to a country cottage, a dash to a coastal retreat. Perhaps even jetting off some cosmopolitan European city like Paris, Florence or Barcelona.

Couples do this all the time – and so should you. Don’t deny yourself one of the life’s treats when you could be sharing your time with me.

I am the perfect sexy, fun and charming companion to take on a weekend away, where absolutely anything goes, and the only limitations are our mind.

Whisk me away to your idyllic retreat and reap the rewards. No stress, no work just pure pleasure.

Why not enjoy a long country walk or a stroll a sandy beach, followed by a cooling drink? We could explore the area, dabble in the local atmosphere, and of course, enjoy a romantic meal for two.

We could relax by the pool (I have some exquisite swimwear options that will make your jaw drop). For instance, we might enjoy the pleasure of Jacuzzi or let of steam of the sauna.

Certainly, there will be other ways we can let of steam as there will be plenty of time for play between the sheets.

You will find my sexual prowess and my stunning body will tantalize and delight you. I am attentive lover and there will many opportunities for us to get all tangled up.

Imagine walking up after a full night of passion , to be able to indulge again before having a delectable breakfast served in the bed.

Maybe feast your eyes on me, as I walk relaxed and naked around our room with sensual thoughts of our encounters.

My weekend experience is truly memorable – as it brings all the pleasure of life into one. Where you are the center of attention. Let me be your business and thrust all your energy into me and feel the benefits.

Reschedule your diary and put me in for next weekend. Xxx