Are you in a sexless marriage or relationship?

Written by Angela

Sex is the driving force on the planet. We should embrace it, not see it as the enemy.

Hugh Hefner

There is definitely more sexual tension and desire as, to be blunt, the majority of these men just not getting it at home.

This isn’t about love but about lust. Infidelity is on the increase because men need to fulfill their sexual desires and the women they have chosen just aren’t interested.

I know how unsatisfied men are from my personal encounters.

A sexless marriage drives men to other women. The women they married no longer have the same interest for a variety of reasons. For the men, it leads to issues of felling frustrated, unattractive, undesirable, unloved and worse, lonely.

This is what leads men to cheat. They have no other option. I offer an emotional and physical service to revitalize you. I want to hear your desires and your fantasies and then fulfill them.

Spending quality time with a woman, who is caring, who is attractive and who stimulates your libido is important for your well-being. There are many benefits to sex, which is why we should have healthy sex life.

Aside from the physical fulfillment, there is emotional fulfillment. I know you love feeling appreciated, to have compliments, to feel wanted and not just be someone who does the school run or pays the bills.

For some men, they seek solace in an affair, but this is fraught with danger. There are still strings attached with an affair and ”the other woman” will one day get fed up and that risks your life crashing down on you as result.

Affairs are unpredictable and emotional baggage. You don’t get that when you hire a companion. You get a completely discreet sexy and sensual playmate and the only games played – are the ones you ask for!

I can be your intimate companion and can re-energise you. I offer an escape from reality and give you moments of unrequited passion. You come (with my help) and then you go.

Why not get delayed in traffic or find you have to work late in the office, when in reality you are getting your rocks off with me.