Coming out of lockdown to the great awakening.

Written By - Angela

The Great Awakening…

As I walked down Marylebone High Street in the late sunny afternoon yesterday I felt the unmistakable buzz of London coming to life again. I couldn’t help having a smile on my face as I saw some of my favourite boutiques and independent stores opening up, as well as that wonderful bookshop – you know the one, and if you don’t then maybe one day I will show you?

I know this has been a difficult time for many of us, not only with our concern for our health and that of our loved ones, but also the difficulties of being without that human interaction which stimulates us and is so important for our emotional well-being.

Now as I see more people on the street it feels every day more like that first day back in the last year at high school, everyone that little bit more an adult, glowing from their summers, ready to discover each other again. As we come out of lockdown in London we look at each other in a more friendly way, with a knowing look in our eyes of a shared experience and hopes of things to come.

At last I came upon one of my favourite little parks and found a bench to sit and admire the wonderful roses, the dappled sunlight, the deep green of the trees and the vibrant atmosphere.

Of course it wasn’t long before I was noticing the many sexy men and women passing by or sitting on the grass with their family, friends and lovers. And I have rarely felt so sexy myself, realising that in the end life is good and the future holds so many possibilities for sensual and intellectual connection. Soon the virtual will become actual, if it hasn’t already for all you naughty ones out there.

As I left the park to return to my pied-a-terre one man caught my eye. To be honest, he was about to exist the park at the same time as me and, like a true gentleman, he stepped back to let me through first. I had to remark on his good manners which were much appreciated. To add to the effect he proceeded to compliment me on my choice of outfit.

We wandered together a little along the high street exchanging pleasantries before it became my time to take a side street and say my goodbyes. But this was not before we both noted that we like to frequent many of the same spots and I have no doubt, given we are both particularly tall, we will see each other in a crowd. Like I said, the future is full of many possibilities, and I hope you will want to be part of them!